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This Indian man helps his beloved wife, a rape survivor, to study law and fight abusers!

True love is powerful enough to become the lifeline of those in love. This Indian man’s love for his


Cancer didn’t allow this couple to marry for 6 years, free wedding contest helped them walk the aisle

Cancer spoiled the wedding plans of a couple and their marriage kept on getting delayed for six years. Finally they


Dad picks up lovely dresses for his “princess” daughter and takes her on “date” every month

Children grow up very fast! Every tender moment spent with the child right from birth to teenage is a


Courtroom Transforms into Disney Land for little girl’s adoption

Courtrooms are very normally serious and formal places, but for five-year-old, Danielle Koning, the courtroom transformed into a Disney land. Everybody


Barber encourages literacy by offering discounts to kids

A barbershop in Michigan is gaining popularity, by offering a $2 discount to kids who read aloud to their barbers, during


Indian man gives homes to the destitute in honor of his daughter’s wedding

Weddings are one of the most important and happy occasions of life, and an Indian businessman has made his


Grateful pitbull won’t stop hugging his new adopted mom

Twenty-year-old, Kayla Filoon adopted a pitbull named Russ from the animal shelter, where she volunteered as a dog walker.


Australian mother delivered her 6kg baby the most miraculous way at home

A mother in Perth delivered one of the largest babies in Australia – a six kg chubby angel which


Since the age of 4, the inspiring Miss Thailand sold food in the streets to support her mother

One of the most beautiful women in the world, was only four-year-old when she started to sell food on the streets to


Biker dad opens a store to prove dad’s don’t just babysit, but they parent

Don Hudson, a father of four believes by experience that dad’s are not just babysitters but responsible parents and to


Eternal love story: Boston bombing survivor engaged to her saviour fire-fighter

The Boston Marathon bombing changed Rose-Ann Sdoia’s life forever. She lost her right leg due to serious injuries but she


Canine friend becomes trusted guide for a blind dog, the two are inseparable

Love stories are made in heaven. For this popular saying there are beautiful examples from around the world. And


Magic glasses help blind man see wife and son for the first time, his reaction was heartbreaking!

Gene suffers from a degenerative eye condition and has never seen his wife and son.  Then  electronic glasses did


Cops escort children to school after they lost their brave dad in a crash

Justin Scherlen, who was a police officer with the Amarillo Police Department died on duty in a crash. His


Remember the picture of the Nigerian kid left to starve? He just joined school.

Remember the picture of the Nigerian kid who was starving to death when he was rescued by an aid


Loving dad gets a tattoo to support 6-year-old differently-abled daughter

Alistair Campbell, a loving dad from New Zealand got a cochlear implant tattooed on his head when his six-year-old


Mother customises Barbie into ‘pregnant’ and ‘breastfeeding’ dolls to educate children

In an attempt to educate children, a mother has started customising Barbie into pregnant and breastfeeding dolls. 28-year-old, Betty


3-year-old cancer patient becomes a police cop to fight bad guys

It was a dream come true for three-year-old, Eli Hoag when he was sworn-in as a police cop. Eli


Love and care transform a neglected, infested stray dog into a healthy pet

Love has the power to transform the most neglected dogs into happy and healthy pets. For infested and in-pain


Mom found a way so her 1-month-old daughter can feel dad even after his death

Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez and Kathryn Williams were expecting their first child when Hector was killed by an acquaintance. A month later Aubrey

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