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Amazing discovery after water pumped from reservoir, a 600 year old Buddha statue

As workers dump water from a reservoir, to work on a hydro power gate renovation, in Jiangxi Province in the


The marvelous process of bringing a 357-year-old painting “back to life”

This 357-year-old painting took 10 months to restore so it could be enjoyed again at the Metropolitan Museum of


Dogeza – the Japanese way to say ‘sorry’

Japanese culture is fascinating for many westerners. It is so different from our western culture that it attracts our


‘Chocolate Road’, Oaxaca, Mexico

You would never expect a wander through the back streets of Oaxaca to lead you to Chocolate Heaven. As


Little boy saves twin brother from being crushed

These two-year-old twin brothers will have an adventurous and heartwarming story to tell for the rest of their lives. Brock


Baby Seal Surprises Surfers

Surfers get the seal of approval from none other than a friendly water pup Experienced surfers know the rules when


This amazing Japanese art-form turns wood into beautiful mosaics

At a glance, they look like stacks of colored paper, but they’re actually blocks of wood. The colorful patterns


Beautiful ceramic art tiles crafted in Russia

In Russia, beautiful ceramic tiles have a long history. You can find all kinds of colorful motif tiles used


What happens when we mix high and low culture?

High culture and low culture – for centuries these were clearly defined – yet nowadays they are increasingly mixed.


Japanese food samples: Look so REAL!

Takio Iwasaki (1895-1965) is the inventor of shokuhin sampuru, the lifelike food models that appear in restaurant displays throughout


Spectacular molten iron fireworks are a staple in parts of China

With the deft hand of an old craftsman, Li Qingfa is practicing picking up molten iron with a wooden


Lunar New Year events around the world celebrate a happy new year of the Rooster!

The turn of the year is always something special. In most places it’s loud, colorful and joyous — sometimes


Stories You Never Knew About Chinese Dumplings

Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rooster, begins on Saturday Jan. 28th 2017, with festivities kicking off the day before


Having Returned a Bag of Lost Silver, a Young Beggar Later Becomes Commander-in-Chief

A blind man with the surname of Chen lived in the Qing Dynasty (1644 AD -1912 AD). He was


When Virtue Is Lacking, Misfortune Is Inevitable

Traditional Chinese culture places great value on a person’s virtue. Many ancient texts implore their readers to cultivate a


Jealousy Harms Others and Hurts Oneself

Emperor Kangxi from the Qing Dynasty, one of the most respected emperors in Chinese history, once said, “For anyone


Canadian Theatergoers Treasure the “Wisdom” and “Hope” Found in Shen Yun

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, Shen Yun Performing Arts touring companies have traveled to 19 countries, performing a


Shen Yun Brings “Enlightening” and “Compelling” Stories Across U.S.

Three touring companies of Shen Yun Performing Arts presented 18 sold-out performances in New York, Atlanta, and San Jose

"The Lady's tears" Flower represents Forgiveness and The Return of Happiness

The Virtue of Forgiveness and Generosity

As a proverb goes: “No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.” Even people known for outstanding merits are not


Businessman Who Aimed for Little Profit Became an Immortal

When Li Jue was 15, his father handed him the keys to the family business and moved away. Overnight,

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