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Martial Arts master Li Youfu, head judge of the NTD Television martial arts competition. (Epoch Times)

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Can Reduce Aggressiveness in Children, Says Hong Kong Study

According to a scientific study done by researchers at a Hong Kong university, teaching children how to fight may


Confucius Never Casually Accepted Gifts

The ancients believed in the principle “sow nothing, reap nothing.” Confucius can be regarded as a perfect example. He

By unifying China, Qin Shi Huang brought an end to over 500 years of political fragmentation and warfare. (New Tang Dynasty Television)

The Most Important Figures of Chinese History: The First Emperor’s Unification of China

This is the ninth in a series of articles by Epoch Times staff describing the foundations of Chinese civilization,

Zheng Xuan

Helping Others Succeed Also Brings Success to Oneself

Zheng Xuan, an influential scholar during the Eastern Han Dynasty, was held in high regard in Chinese history. He

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