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Chucky Fire Roll – All the Flavors In One Big Bite!

Chucky Fire Roll is named after the sushi chef at Sik Gaek whose nickname is Chucky. This ball-shaped roll


Exquisite Royal Thai Cuisine: Latiang (Egg Net)

Latiang or Egg Net is an authentic Thai royal dish. Latiang is originally served in small 3-inch squares. Chef


From Bland to Grand – Shandong Cuisine: Braised Fried Tofu

Flavor is at the core of Chinese cuisine. Just using tofu as an example, different cooking techniques can create


Cantonese Cuisine: Steamed Sea Bass

Steaming is a seemingly easy way to cook fish. To get the perfect tender and delicate texture, however, it’s crucial


Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes – Chinese Dessert For Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes consists of only two ingredients, sweet potatoes and white sugar. It is a famous traditional


Tender and Moist: Gentle-Fried Furong Chicken

Gentle-Fried Furong Chicken is a traditional Chinese dish. It is named after the Furong or hibiscus flower because its


Huaiyang Cuisine: Stir-Fried Dynamite Shrimp

Stir-Fried Dynamite Shrimp is a traditional Huaiyang dish. The word Dynamite or Bao refers to the frying method. The


Plant-Based Scrambled Eggs Are Hitting the Market and Putting The Egg Industry In a Panic

Over the past few decades, we have really been able to see the damage that we have been causing


The Stunning Art of Hand Pulled Noodles

Kneading the dough is found across many food traditions of the world but kneading it to thin long strands


Making a Swan out of an Apple—Easy and Amazing!

Watch more: Amazing cake decorations Step 1: Cut Your Apple Cut the apple almost in half but not quite, angle

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