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What is a debris flow?

Landslides is one of the most destructive geological hazards in the world today. Due to the high speeds that slides can


The cosmos – the enigma of the age

Living in the 21st century with constant technological advances sometimes feels like there’s no mystery left. The cosmos however,


Fascinating orchid praying mantis

Wow, it is a beautiful orchid! Wrong, this is a female orchid praying mantis, with its incredible facade to attract


How do you effortlessly shatter a padlock with a hammer?

Have you ever tried to open a padlock when you lost your key? What did you do? Use a hammer?


According to GoodYear, tires in the future will be spherical

To date, car tires have been cylinders, round, but with vertical side walls and center, rather like a traditional hollow


Straight from egg to chick: without a shell

A group of high school students from Chiba, Japan used a unique method instructed by their teacher to hatch


You shouldn’t give a child a smartphone or tablet

Smartphones and tablets have proven negativ effects on the human body. Emitting electromagnetic radiation has in fact the same effect


Stunning footages show a firehose of lava pouring from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano

Hawaii is a geological beauty, its main island churning with primordial forces. One of the most active of these volcanic


Mystery Greek artifact goes on rare display

A 7,000 year old bird-like statuette which has mystified Greek archaeologists has gone on rare display at the country’s


When the sun is eaten by the Heavenly Dog it’s a total solar eclipse!

Ancient Chinese people regard solar eclipse’s as the sun being eaten by the Heavenly Dog. As the sun gradually


Is It A Bus Or A Boat? Definitely The Coolest Bus We Have Ever Seen!

Is it a boat? Or is it a bus? Looking at the new Hafencity Riverbus in Hamburg, it is


The Super Cool Crawling Boat! Watch The Video

You won’t believe just how cool the capabilities of this beach crawling boat are until you watch the video.


Why do your cats lick things?

While cats constantly lick and groom themselves, licking that becomes obsessive or involves nonbody, nonfood items can be a


Do animals have morals?

Do animals have morals? We often think of them as just instinct-driven simple creatures. Wired for getting food, reproducing


Mind-bending questions about the nature of illusion and reality

From greek philosophers to contemporary action movies (Matrix, Inception), the question of the nature of reality has always perplexed


Incredible, geometric patterns using sand and a mallet

How to create a colorful and geometrically precise mandala without using a ruler, or even without touching the actual


Atlas, the human-powered helicopter, wins the AHS Sikorsky $250,000 Prize

The Canadian AeroVelo team has turned their dream into reality and won the long standing AHS Sikorsky Prize. The


Fascinating 3D-Printed sculptures

These 3d-printed zoetrope sculptures were designed by John Edmark, and they only animate when filmed under a strobe light

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Why do your dogs lick each other’s mouth?

When dogs lick each other’s face, they’re not exactly kissing. It can be a sign of affection, but more


How to lose weight fast and safely

Making small, specific goals is key to losing weight long-term — but now can you get motivated now? Check

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