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How To Get Healthy Hair Naturally

Seasons are changing so fast, our hair keep growing longer with time, but do they also stay healthy and


How To Do Your Makeup Without Brushes

Hi beauties! In this video, I’ll be showing you how to do an easy and fairly quick all-occasion makeup


Why You Have Dry Skin And What To Do About It

As we are the midst of winter in the nothern hemisphere, a lot of people have to deal with


8 Asian Life Hacks

In this video, I compiled 8 hacks that can help you in your everyday life, whether you face little


Macau Vs. Hong Kong: Top 5 Differences

Did you know there’s another non-communist region of China? Yes, I’m talking about Macau….for the first time. Everyone forgets


China’s Shady Weapons Deal with the Philippines

China is supplying a lot of the drugs that are the core of The Philipppines’ drug epidemic. But instead

The BEST Recipe for Braised Beef Shank

How to cook Braised Beef Shank like a master chef? Watch this video now! And did you know that


China Steals US Navy Drone

The Chinese Navy has stolen a US underwater drone that was doing scientific research. It was 50 miles off the


How To Make A Quick And Simple Body Scrub

In this episode of Asian Beauty Secrets, Mia invited Cici Li from the youtube channel “Cici’s Food Paradise” to

The BEST Teriyaki Rice Burger

How to Make the Best Teriyaki Rice Burger at Home? Check out this video to find out! Let’s also

How to Easily Master Crab Rangoon at Home?

Crab Rangoon is packed with flavors and it’s served in most of the Chinese American restaurants. Some say it’s

How to Cook 3 Amazing Chinese Dishes in 15 Minutes?

How do you cook 3 dishes in 15 minutes? Today we are introducing you to 1 fish cooks 3


Sun, Surf, and Murder: An Interview with Congressman Rohrabacher

He’s one of Trump’s potential candidates for Secretary of State: A surfer who once arm-wrestled Vladimir Putin. China Uncensored


Will Trump End the One China Policy?

Donald Trump loves saying the word China! And now it seems one China isn’t enough for him. That was


Chinese Lucky and Unlucky Numbers Explained

A lot of people will be familiar with the number 8 being a lucky number for Chinese. 8 is pronounced


Do you Know How to Thank Someone for Tea in China?

If you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant, you will know they normally serve tea with the meal,


Man Has Plastic Surgery to Look Like Chinese Billionaire

A young man from the southern city of Shenzhen in China, has spent 1 million Chinese yuan on plastic

The Most Famous Sichuan Spicy Boiled Fish Recipe

It’s said that Sichuan spicy boiled fish recipe was invented by a Sichuan Chef. And the original version was


6 Teas That Help You Lose Weight

Winter is approaching and it might get too cold to go out for a jog and many of us


3 Ways to Cook Chinese Dumplings

Everyone loves Chinese dumplings, but did you know there are several different ways to cook them? You can steam

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