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Surprise proposal at airport – Rome Calling

Ali and Mike were heading to the airport for a New York City business trip. Well, that’s what Ali


A good-hearted boy is rewarded for his actions

Sometimes we have too much or just enough. When times get tough, we tend to forget about others who


Kitten born with hind legs folded into ‘W’ was about to face euthanasia but one thoughtful vet saved his life!

This cute little soul was born with a rare deformity which just did not make it possible for him


After 18 years of their birth, world’s first to survive septuplets babies finally graduate from college

In the rarest of the rare cases, 7 premature babies were born in November 1997, setting the world record


Who needs roses when you have 7000 post-it-notes for Valentine’s Day!

Now who says valentines day are all about chocolates, roses or expensive gifts? A creative and romantic husband swept


This golden retriever gives love by hugging everyone she meets

If you’re in New York and feel you need a hug, you could meet up with Louboutina, the city’s


This Indian man helps his beloved wife, a rape survivor, to study law and fight abusers!

True love is powerful enough to become the lifeline of those in love. This Indian man’s love for his


14 heartwarming photos that will take you through amazingly beautiful life experiences!

Life is full of up and down moments and our emotions are so varied that, sometimes, it is hard


Found! Family confirms missing daughter Sarah Dunsey is now home

UPDATE: Sarah Dunsey has been found and is now with her family. “Thank you all for sharing, getting Sarah’s


Singer Harry Hudson shares the journey through his cancer treatment and survival with his fans!

Although his childhood days were difficult, Harry has worked hard and has made a name for himself in the


Rare mono-mono twins who were born holding hands, now share an amazing bond of love and togetherness!

A would be mother was diagnosed with a rare risky pregnancy, in which her twins only had 50 percent


Kevin was slowly dying day by day, but he did the unthinkable and a miracle occurred

Four days a week, Kevin Campbell—diagnosed with slow progressive kidney disease—was hooked up to a dialysis machine to filter


Brave dog protects his canine friend on railway track for 2 days, as she was too weak to walk!

Two dogs were spotted on a railway track braving the cold and the passing trains for two days. The male


Terrifying moment as small dog takes out two motorbike riders in a shocking chain reaction crash

A group of motorcycle riders were driving through Wisconsin as a dog ran across the street causing an incredible chain reaction. The accident


Principal lets ‘bullied’ boy shave his head

A principal came up with a heartwarming way to support a pupil whose grandpa is battling cancer . Eleven-year-old


This cat mom adopted a rabbit and made him a place among her kittens

Humans can learn a lot from animals. In this case, this video proves a true and unconditional act of


Couple adopts dying neighbor’s three kids, and found their home transformed…

This will renew your faith in humanity, and the belief that doing good is met with good. Audrey and Tisha


Girls honor late friend by wearing her prom dress

Health and fitness are not always visibly related to sickness. Although this young girl was energetic, good at sports,


Family in love decides to send their 20-year-old goldfish for surgery

Love for pets is universal but in this case the pet is a goldfish with a tumour and the


Cancer didn’t allow this couple to marry for 6 years, free wedding contest helped them walk the aisle

Cancer spoiled the wedding plans of a couple and their marriage kept on getting delayed for six years. Finally they

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