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Bo Guagua’s Story Alludes To A Bizarre Political Situation

A recent in-depth report on Bo Xilai's son is said to be an attempt to draw attention away from Zhou Yongkang. (weibo.com) 2014-01-12 06:00 PM EST Last Updated: 2014-01-12 08:53 PM EST
Bo Guagua has a reputation for partying. (weibo.com)
After Bo Xilai’s sentencing, his case seems to have faded into the background.
However, an in-depth report on Bo Xilai’s son, Bo Guagua, by Sanlian Life Weekly magazine has recently appeared. In this 40,000 word report, inside stories about Bo Guagua and the complicated family connection of Bo’s family were disclosed.
After the report was picked up by many Chinese media it was quickly deleted, highlighting the bizarre political situation within the Communist regime.

A report entitled, "Bo Guagua in Britain: The Causal Chain of the Sunshine Boy" covered the time frame between Bo Guagua’s relocation to Britain in 2000 and Wang Lijun’s defection to the U.S. consulate.

The article entailed three stories – the details of Bo Guagua’s enrollment in the Harrow School, the involvement of Gu Kailai, Bo Xilai’s wife, in former Dalian Shide Group CEO Xu Ming’s hot air balloon business, as well as the conflict between Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai.

The article revealed that Bo Guagua had entered a language school to study English, and the boarding preparatory school, Papplewick School, costing more than 20,000 British pounds a year, to prepare him for the famous British elite school Harrow, that has an annual enrollment of only about 800 students.

Reports claim Bo Guagua’s attending Harrow School was with the help of British businessman and alumnus Neil Heywood, although sources close to the Bo family deny this.

After Bo Guagua enrolled in Oxford University, rather than focusing on study, Bo Guagua engaged in a luxurious social life. Many photos of his well-to-do gatherings at Oxford University have been exposed online.

In 2009, due to failing grades, Bo Guagua was suspended for a year.

British media had reported that Bo Guagua was once a guest of Oxford’s only five-star hotel, the MacDonald Randolph, for some time, at a daily rate of $230.
He had arranged a number parties and performances. Movie star movie star Jackie Chan was once invited for a speech.

The article also suggests that Bo Guagua was implicated in Bo Xilai’s case.

The article quoted Bo Xilai trial data. In August 2011, Bo Guagua and a six member delegation
went on an African trip in a private rented jet. Businessman Xu Ming covered the entire cost - $130,000 - with his personal account.

Since 2004, Xu Ming has covered a total of 76 airline tickets for Bo Guagua worth upwards of $500,000.

In November 2011, Bo Guagua had tens of thousands of dollars of credit card overdrafts.
Gu Kailai instructed Xu Ming to cover the cost.

China affairs analyst, Zhang Jian, believes the exposure of Bo Guagua’s story at this point is to draw attention away from Zhou Yongkang’s case and to test the Jiang faction.

Zhang Jian, China affairs analyst: "If the bloody debt gang, Zhou Yongkang’s cronies, continue their overseas media battle against the Central, the Communist regime will resort to other measures, such as heavy sentencing to those who were sacked, or revenge to those who remain abroad."

Hong Kong based Oriental Daily recently reported that since the arrest of Zhou Yongkang for alleged corruption on Dec. 5, more than 20 accomplices in the political and legal system during Zhou’s tenure have been placed under investigation by the central disciplinary commission,
including Liu Guixiang the Executive Board Secretary of the Supreme People’s Court, and a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of State Security.

Voice of America also quoted a Jan. 10 report by South China Morning Post which said that the eldest son of Zhou Yongkang, Zhou Bin, has been formally arrested and is in the process of retaining a lawyer.

Xia Xiaoqiang, commentator: "Bo Guagua is a key player. He controls the family wealth overseas and is involved in both Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang’s cases. Even though Bo received the sentence, details of the coup and live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners have not been disclosed."

Commentator Xia Xiaoqiang believes that the arrest of 610 Office Chief Li Dongsheng on Dec. 20 is a turning point in the Communist political struggle. The 610 Office is in charge of the persecution campaign against Falun Gong. The sack of its chief shows the current leadership is reluctant to take the blame for the persecution campaign initiated by the Jiang Zemin faction.

Xia Xiaoqiang believes the struggle within the regime will continue until Zhou Yongkang’s arrest is made public and the truth of the Jiang faction’s crimes is exposed. Until then, the capricious Chinese media reports will likely continue.

Zhang Jian indicates that Zhou Yongkang’s arrest will be publicized both at home and abroad at a time deemed appropriate by the regime.

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