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Church Paintings in Former Yugoslavia Depict Marx In Hell

. 2014-02-05 07:31 PM EST Last Updated: 2014-02-06 05:33 AM EST
A church in former Yugoslavia has a wall painting that depicts the founders of Marxism being punished in hell. Commentaries around this suggest Marx established an atheism heresy, and caused a decline in human morality. This is estimated to have resulted in over 100 million unnatural deaths. The imagery suggests how Marx dragged humans into hell, and a vow to this end that he had made.

BBC Chinese website produced a report about a church in Montenegro, in former Yugoslavia. In the church is a wall painting depicting Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and former leader of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. They are all depicted languishing in hell.Another church in Montenegro has a wall painting with imagery of Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Josip Broz Tito and Jude the Apostle being punished together in hell.

Zhu Xinxin, Christian, Mainland China: “It is a kind of expression by Christians to show their feelings towards these people who brought disaster to human beings. Meanwhile, the paintings remind everyone not to worship these figures.”

The Black Book of Communism states that the communist movements has caused at
least 150 million people to die unnaturally.

China Renmin University Press published a Marx Biography in 2010. It says that Marx drank in his youth, fighting and was placed into solitary confinement at school. In 1851, Marx and his housekeeper Helene Demuth had an illegitimate child. To maintain the reputation of communism, Marx had bachelor Engels adopt the child. Engels wrote on a piece of a paper before he died that, “Henry Frederick is Marx’s son.”

Sources say that Lenin had two mistresses outside of marriage. According to information in the DDR Museum in Berlin, Lenin died of syphilis. Former CCP leader Mao Zedong took many women, and deliberately infected them with syphilis.

Li Yuanhua, Australia-based historian: “Atheism’s biggest problem is to let people disbelieve in karmic relationships.To disbelieve harmony of heaven and human beings; that good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil. Thus, people dare to do anything without self-constraint. This results in many people doing bad deeds without fear.”

Marx claimed that in his life, he hated capitalists who exploited the working class. However, it is alleged that Marx relied on capitalist Engels throughout his life, obtaining approximately six million francs from him.

In one of Marx’s letters, Marx wrote to Engels when his wife’s uncle died. Marx said the death of his wife’s uncle was a very happy event, in part because his wife would get almost £100. Marx called his wife’s uncle an ‘old dog’. He said that if the ‘old dog’ hadn’t made over his money to his housekeeper, Marx’s wife would get more money.

Marx never spoke to his mother. When his mother died, Marx wrote to Engels, only being concerned about his mother’s property. Marx wrote in a letter that there were more important things than the old woman. He said he was leaving to receive his mother’s assets.

Zhu Xinxin: “I believe Marx would be the sort of person to go to hell, as he lost his basic humanity. He treated people as a tool and as objects through with to form a utopia. He finally created a form of hell on earth, so Marx is certainly being tormented in a hell.”

In his book, Marx suggested that war must be waged against all ideas of religions, governments, countries, and patriotism.

Lenin suggested using all tricks, intrigue, deceit, cunning, illegal means, covert means and to cover up the truth.

According to the book ‘Marx and Satan’, Marx was a Christian when he was young.
He began to deviate from Christianity and developed hatred of human beings after he finished his schooling. He attempted to have an equal footing with God, and desired to retaliate against God. Marx signed papers, and sold his soul to the devil. He vowed to speak for Satan and to drag all human beings into hell.

In China, people often speak that one might see Marx after one dies.

Li Yuanhua: “So, people must think that actually Marx isn’t in Heaven. His principles have degenerate morality, so if he is punished by Heaven, he would certainly be in hell. If one follows Marxist ideologies in one’s life, this person will see him after death. So only by getting rid of the communist ideas, can one be saved and have a future.”

According to the global movement to withdraw from the CCP, up until now, over 150 million Chinese people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

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