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Zhou Yongkang Unlikely To Escape Fall: Analyst

China’s top security official Zhou Yongkang has been named in a coup plot, and is reportedly under investigation. He continues to appear in the media though, and this raises the question whether he may be able to escape the fate of his... 2012-04-26 02:55 PM EST Last Updated: 2012-04-27 03:19 PM EST


The Chinese communist leader, Zhou Yongkang is reportedly under investigation and continues to appear in meetings with local and international officials.


This has prompted some to wonder whether the security czar and member of the Politburo Standing Committee will really be the next to fall after Bo Xilai


On Tuesday, Hubei Daily newspaper reported Zhou Yongkang’s recent visit to the central province.


NTD Senior China Commentator Zhang Tianliang says there may be more to this trip. 


[Zhang Tianliang, NTD Senior China Commentator]: 

“A lot of people feel that he has been given a lot of exposure this time. Xinhua reported on him quite a lot. But the issue may not be as it seems. Because Zhou Yongkang is based in Beijing, and so are all his intricate networks and relationships. His leaving Beijing and going to Hubei province could be a maneuver to remove him temporarily, because his affairs in Beijing can be more thoroughly examined when he’s not there.”


Zhang says it’s unlikely Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao will leave Zhou Yongkang be, especially after reports of Zhou planning a coup against upcoming leader Xi Jingping.


[Zhang Tianliang, NTD Senior Cina Commentator]: 

“For something like a political coup, if Zhou’s left to retire in peace, it sends a message that everybody can start a coup. I don’t think Zhou Yongkang has anywhere to turn back, and Xi Jinping won’t let him turn back either.” 


Zhang predicts Hu and Wen will move against Zhou soon. Hu will leave for Mexico for the G-20 Summit in June. An annual leadership meeting is coming up in July that will center around a once-a-decade power change later this year.


[Zhang Tianliang, NTD Senior China Commentator]: 

“If Hu Jintao waits until his return from Mexico, he’ll be pushed for time. So I think Hu and Wen should take care of this sooner, perhaps in May. So when he leaves in June he will be assured that the problems back home are resolved.”


Zhou Yongkang is a close ally of disgraced official Bo Xilai. Bo and his wife Gu Kailai have reportedly named Zhou as the mastermind behind a political coup.


There have been numerous unconfirmed reports that central authorities are investigating Zhou.


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