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Alicia Keys, Forest Whitaker Unite for Good Causes

Alicia Keys, Forest Whitaker, Philomena Lee and more celebrate a global movement geared towards acts of kindness in Unite4:good. 2014-02-28 02:56 AM EST Last Updated: 2014-02-28 02:58 AM EST
Stars hit the carpet for charities and causes close to their hearts in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 27).

Unite4:good unites charities and social programs with celebrities to bring about positive promotion and change to the world.

Actors, musicians and influential people in the entertainment industry talked about their everyday heroes and the people who motivated them inspire kindness and service.

Alicia Keys named her mother as her everyday hero.

"She constantly continues to now to show me how a woman is and that there's always growth and there's always ways to learn and there's always more to become," Keys said. "I think that she's a phenomenal woman from all that she's instilled in me."

Forest Whitaker, who was honored recently with the NAACP chairman's award for his acting career and work as an advocate for peace in some of the most violent places in the world like South Sudan, said he looks to the people living in the country as his heroes.

"There's a guy, his name is Dagu, he lives in South Sudan, he works for my foundation," said Whitaker. "He's in the South Sudan and they just had a conflict, which is close to the civil war, and he left for a moment because there was a lot of violence, but he moved back early and he started to rework and rebuild and start to try to move the needle forward and build up the peace talks. He's been doing that ever since this conflict began and I'm really proud to get to know him and proud that he's on my staff, and so yeah, he's an everyday hero."

Philomena Lee, who was honored with the Everyday Hero Award at the fundraising event and the subject of the Oscar-nominated film, said she never considered herself a hero for going through what so many others had gone through during her time.

"In those days, it was the early '50s, it was considered very immoral to have a baby outside of marriage, and we'd always been made to feel that we committed a big immoral sin in the Catholic religion," she said.

Unite4:good hosted its unite4:humanity fundraising event to bring awareness to charities and humanitarian efforts.

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