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New Baby Panda Born in Thai Zoo

2009-05-29 10:32 AM EST Last Updated: 2009-05-29 12:49 PM EST

Veterinarians are getting a closer look at the newest arrival at one zoo in Thailand. A female panda cub is getting quite a bit of attention from zookeepers.

A 230 gram female panda cub and its mother are both doing well in their home at the Chiang Mai zoo some 700 kilometers north of Bangkok.

At first Thai veterinarians couldn't confirm the gender of the newborn because she was being fiercely guarded by her mom, and wouldn't allow zoo staff to come close.

But Chinese panda specialist Vei Ming was eventually able to give the newborn a health check.

[Vei Ming, Veterinarian and Panda Specialist]:

"After we did rough examination, we separated baby panda to thoroughly health examination again. The most interesting was that baby panda was breast fed by its mother and then we checked from its feces, the green small feces showed that baby panda was healthy and the mother panda can take care of her baby well."

The cub’s mother, Lin Hui, is a giant panda on loan from China. Vei says there’s a good chance Lin Hui will deliver another cub within 50 hours.

She looked exhausted after giving birth to her first baby, but she immediately started to bond with her infant.

The panda cub will be kept in a special room for at least six months, to separate her from her father and excited zoo crowds that might cause her distress.

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