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Indian Village Lacks Basic Amenities, Ten Years After Disaster

2009-10-29 10:53 AM EST Last Updated: 2009-10-29 01:05 PM EST

Ten years after a devastating typhoon struck India’s eastern Orissa state, life remains difficult. Locals still lack basic amenities like proper roads, safe drinking water and shelter.

They say little has been done to improve the village.

[Sudhanshu Senapati, Local]:

“Ten years have past since the biggest natural disaster to hit the state. This village was among the worst affected areas but people here are still deprived of basic amenities like safe drinking water, further, the condition of the roads is also not good.”

Orissa was hit by a major typhoon in October 1999 with wind gusts of up to 190 miles an hour and towering tidal waves from the Bay of Bengal. The typhoon claimed 9,000 lives and destroyed property worth millions of dollars.

The government had promised compensation and houses to victims. The money was delivered, but not new homes.

The typhoon had also affected wide varieties of plant and animal life. The area’s environment has become polluted due to rotten branches, leaves, trees and the remains of the deceased.

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