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Jakarta Opens New Park for the Elderly

2010-06-15 06:48 AM EST Last Updated: 2010-06-15 07:11 AM EST

Over the weekend a park designed especially for the elderly was opened in Jakarta. The eight and a half acre Langsat Elderly Park has everything from a track to tennis courts and a pavilion.

The governor of Jakarta says parks like these aren’t just nice, but necessary.

[Fauzi Bowo, Governor of Jakarta]: (Male, Bahasa) ((Cut middle of quote))

"People need more parks and open space, so the local government must maintain existing open spaces, and even try to add more."

There are also plenty of seats and many pole rails to help visitors walk and keep their balance.

[Hiramsyah S. Thaib, Bakrieland Development]: (Male, Bahasa) ((Cut last 2 sentences))

"We hope that with the cooperation of the government of Jakarta we can maintain and increase the quality of the elderly park, so that it benefits society."

It’s a welcome addition to the community.

[Bambang Asmanu, Kebayoran Elderly Community]: (Male, Bahasa) ((Cut middle))

"A good mood brings happiness which can make our bodies healthy. We welcome this park, as public streets are dangerous places for the elderly to exercise."

In Indonesia, there are more than 16 million elderly people. The life expectancy for women is 77 years and 73 for men.

NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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