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Philippines Rocked by Killer Quake

2012-02-07 03:07 AM EST Last Updated: 2012-02-07 03:08 AM EST
Scared children wait for their parents outside school after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the Philippines island of Negros.


At least seven people were killed in the tremor, including two children. 


Government offices and schools were ordered to close after at least 40 aftershocks followed the quake.


On Cebu Island, across the strait from Negros Island, employees evacuated their office blocks.


[Unidentified Resident]:             

"Well yes we felt the building was swaying, and I started getting up, and we said 'There's an earthquake, everybody out!'"


The Philippines lies on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


A 7.8 magnitude in the northern Philippines in 1990 killed over 1,600 people.              



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