Self-Immolation at Kyrgyzstan Presidential Office

A Kyrgyz female protestor set herself on fire infront of the president's office, but a crowd put out the fire. 2013-01-31 07:25 PM EST Last Updated: 2013-01-31 07:25 PM EST
On Thursday, a female protestor set herself on fire infront of the Kyrgyz presidential office in Bishkek.


The woman was from a remote Kyrgyz village. She pinned hand-written posters against President Almaz Atambayev on a fence surrounding the office known as "White House."


She identified herself as 61-year-old Zhyparkan Omurova.  A crowd formed as she declared her intentions of self-immolation.


[Zhyparkan Omurova, Protestor]:

"I'm done, I can't bear it anymore, nothing left. I was going to all the places, but maybe after that people in Kyrgyzstan will understand. Maybe after my self-immolation authorities will start to think. Maybe after that they will stop giving powers to the people of the revolution and there will be no people like me anymore - no more offended, no more of those who want to burn themselves to death. Maybe then justice will come."


Her husband and grandson were on-hand and were visibly distressed as the events unfolded.


Omurova poured flammable liquid over herself and lit herself on fire, though people from the crowd quickly put it out.


The woman was able to stand and eventually ran towards the fence, but police officers brought her to an ambulance and then a hospital.


Krygyzstan has overthrown two presidents since 2005 in two revolutions. In 2011, Atambayev became the first president to have a peaceful transition to power in the country's post-Soviet history.

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