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Korean Couple Found Alive in Capsized Ship

2012-01-16 02:29 AM EST Last Updated: 2012-01-16 03:00 AM EST
A Korean couple has been found alive on a capsized cruise ship off the Italian coast, more than 24 hours after it ran aground. 


Firefighters were able to make voice contact with the couple from several decks above, finding them in a cabin.  


From a rescue boat, they docked in Porto San Stefano and boarded an ambulance. 


On Sunday - search and rescue operations continued, with around 40 people still missing. 


The ship is half-submerged in water, looming over the port of Giglio. 


Rescuers have made voice contact with another survivor and are trying to reach the person, an official said. 


More than 4,000 people were on board the Costa Concordia. 


At least three people have died and 70 were injured from the disaster. There are fears the death toll could rise. 


Rescue workers are working their way through 2,000 cabins on the vast luxury liner - which had a spa, restaurants, bars, cinemas and discotheques. 


The ship's captain was arrested for questioning. 


Many are asking why the vessel had come so close to the shore. 


The vessel's operator said the ship was sailing on its regular course when it struck a rock.              


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