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140 Tons of Kimchi Feed South Korean Poor

Volunteers show up at a charity event in Seoul to help feed the poor in winter. And kimchi was the main dish. 2012-11-15 06:49 PM EST

 More than 2,000 people gathered in Seoul on Thursday to make 140 tons of kimchi.html">kimchi.html">kimchi.html">kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish, during a charity event for people in need.

[Park Min-hyuk, Korea Yakult Worker]: 

"We're so proud of doing this. We'd barely had a chance to serve others. This event gave us a chance to help those senior citizens living alone.”


Around 2,000 women from Korea Yakult and around 50 volunteers from the public joined in the kimchi.html">kimchi.html">kimchi.html">kimchi-making. 


They used a peppery red paste with garlic, ginger and fish sauce to rub all over salted cabbages.


[Yoo Seung-hwan, Volunteer]: 

"I think it's very meaningful that I was able to join this Kimchi making event with my family. This is a great chance for my children to actually learn about life.”


The food is such a large part of life in Korea that when having their photographs taken, Koreans say "kimchi' instead of "cheese".


Korea Yakult said the kimchi will be handed out to 25,000 needy families.

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