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Super Cute Newborn Amur Tiger Cubs

Super cute newborn Amur tiger cubs in Yalta zoo, Ukraine 2013-01-15 01:47 PM EST Last Updated: 2013-01-15 02:45 PM EST

A litter of rare Amur tigers has been born at Yalta Zoo in southern Ukraine.

The tiny cubs snuggle up to cuddly toys, and stagger tentatively around their playpen.

Tigers don't open their eyes until around the 14th day, but these other cubs don't seem to mind too much as the newborns find their way around.

Yalta Zoo currently has the world's largest collection of Amur tigers.

[Oleg Zubkov, Zoo Director]:

"The birth of Amur tigers at the Yalta zoo is always a significant event - not only for the zoo but for Amur tigers in general. Today there are only a few hundred Amur tigers left in the world. They're very rare, and the birth of every baby is another big addition to the attempt to preserve these wonderful animals."

Ever wondered what special ingredient to feed newborn tiger cubs? Yes, you guessed it - tea.

[Oksana Zubkova, Zoo Caretaker]:

"We've started to add tea to the little tiger cubs' food, as it digests better, which is very important for their nutrition."

The Amur tiger - also known as the Siberian tiger - is the largest subspecies of tiger.

Its natural habitat is southeastern Russia and northern China.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Amur tiger was close to extinction in the 1960s, but the population has now climbed to between 400 and 500 animals.

The main threats to the species include poaching and habitat destruction.

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