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Israel: Clean Coast Project of Undeclared Beaches

2009-09-29 02:38 AM EST Last Updated: 2009-09-29 07:33 AM EST

Litter abounds in many of the country’s undeclared beaches, with especially low marks going to the coasts at Palmachim in the center of Israel.

Israel’s open undeclared beaches span some 130 kilometers out of Israel’s total coastal strip of almost 200 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea.

The “Clean Coast” project which began in 2005 and aims at keeping the country’s coastlines litter free, is being implemented by the Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel.

[Ronen Alkalay, Marine Pollution Inspector]:

“The public learned to expect for clean beach when they are coming to the beach they want to find their beach clean and it doesn’t matter anymore if it’s a declared beach or a non clamed beach. It’s for us and for the public the same. They want clean beach. What we don’t see here that the public helping us to do this task better. They leave a lot of garbage on the beach and every after week-end we just find heaps of garbage on the beach and this is the poor condition. This is something that we want to change. “

A comprehensive information campaign accompanies the "Clean Coast" project to make sure that the "Clean Coast" message reaches residents throughout the country.

This is how this family heard about it and despite the Jewish New Year’s Eve they came to join the efforts.

[Dror Porat, Volunteer]:

“Unfortunately, specifically today, we came only us, only our four children and me and I think more and more people in the future will come to those operations for cleaning the beaches.”

[Ido Porat, Volunteer]:

“We came to clean our beach, the Palmachim beach in honor of New Year’s so that this year we will have a clean and nice beach to be on”.

Routine cleanup activities, enforcement against polluters, educational and publicity activities are some of the components that are meant to bring this issue to the public’s awareness.

[Ronen Alkalay, Marine Pollution Inspector]:

“As you can see people like this family around us that came on this special day, this is the people that will make the change. We are just the catalysts they are the material, they will do the change.”

Keeping the environment clean is an important task and a mission that should concern all of us starting from each and every one of us, including myself.

This is Isabella Xiong, reporting from Palmachim beach, Israel


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