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Is Shen Weichen’s Case Related To Zhou Yongkang?

. 2014-04-17 01:42 PM EST Last Updated: 2014-04-17 01:45 PM EST
The Communist Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) has announced
that Shen Weichen, executive vice president of China Association for Science & Technology (CAST), is under investigation for violation of laws. So far, all of the sacked officials that have had close relationships with Zhou Yongkang, their cases have nevertheless been dealt with individually. As the newest CCDI member after the 18th National Congress, why was Shen Weichen suddenly sacked? What’s his relationship with Zhou Yongkang? Why has the regime deliberately kept these cases separate from Zhou Yongkang’s case?

Party Secretary of CAST Shen Weichen is the first ministerial-level official investigated this year. On April 9, Shen Weichen had attended and was a speaker at the Seventh Congress of the Jiangxi Science and Technology Association. On the evening of the 12th, the CCDI website suddenly announced that Shen Weichen was under investigation.

The 58-year-old Shen Weichen has had a very smooth political path, from a township government staff in Shanxi, to Deputy Minister of Central Propaganda Department, and then the Party Secretary of CAST.

Hong Kong Oriental Daily quoted sources saying that during his post at Propaganda in Shanxi, Shen Weichen was supported by the Central Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Li Dongsheng. Mr. Li was a big crony of the security tsar, Zhou Yongkang.

In 2006, Shen Weichen was jointly appointed as Municipal Party Secretary of Taiyuan. In 2010, he took over Li Dongsheng’s position as the deputy head of the Central Propaganda Department.

Between year 2000 and 2006 when Shen Weichen was Minister of the Shanxi Provincial Propaganda Department, he organized exhibitions and forums and published books to falsely discredit and slander Falun Gong. His involvement in defaming Falun Gong was admired by then Minister of Propaganda Liu Yunshan, also a native Shanxi.

Hong Kong magazine, Faces of Our Time, revealed in its March issue, that,in December last year after Zhou Yongkang was put under house arrest, in a raid on his home was found a list of intended cabinet nominees of the coup plot. Boxun magazine also reported that in the cabinet nominees’ list, Liu Yunshan was designated as the Party Secretary of CCDI.

Hua Po, Beijing politics watcher: "Xi Jinping is certainly using Shen Weichen to warn Liu Yunshan that he has to behave because Xi holds all the evidence against him."

Former Guangdong Public Security News director Zhou Xiaohui analyzed Shen Weichen’s unusual relationship with Zeng Qinghuai, brother of former CCP Vice President Zeng Qinghong. His investigation found that Shen Weichen promoted a TV hit series in 2006. The singer Tan Jing for the series was known as a concubine of Zeng Qinghuai, Vice President of Chinese Culture Promotion Society.

In the first Taiyuan International Coal & Energy New Industry Expo in September 2007, then Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai spoke at the opening ceremony, and Tan Jing made a performance. The Expo was organized by Shen Weichen and Zeng Qinghuai.

According to mainland media reports, when Shen Weichen ruled Taiyuan, there had been many organized crimes. For instance, a 2010 criminal case involved more than 60 officials; in 2006, a Shanxi real estate company owner suddenly disappeared with more than 600 million yuan of down payments from hundreds of buyers; also, the 2010 Shanxi vaccine scandal took place when Shen Weichen was the Provincial Party Secretary. The victims were brutally suppressed.

Lan Shu, commentator: "When a corrupt official is removed, the new one will continue the corruption, along with many others in different positions. How can the problem ever get resolved?"

Former deputy director of the CCP Military and Political University Xin Ziling revealed that,when Shen Weichen was Taiyuan Municipal Party Secretary, Zen Qinghong’s son Zeng Wei had obtained a bank loan of 70 million in 2006 and bought a coal mine in Taiyuan. The assessed value of the coal mine was raised to 750 million and sold to Shandong's largest state-owned enterprise Lunen Group. Repeatedly, Zeng Wei had collected 3.3 billion yuan.

However, since Xi Jinping started the anti-corruption campaign, all of the sacked corrupt officials, such as Jiang Jiemin, Li Dongsheng and Li Chongxi, be it the oil gang or the Sichuan gang, have been treated as individual cases.

Lan Shu: "This shows that Beijing is still worried about exposing them all together. It might collapse the entire CCP system."

Commentator Lan Shu indicates that whether Beijing will reveal the coup plot of Zhou Yongkang’s is yet to be seen.

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