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Ai Weiwei vs. Jackie Chan | China Uncensored

Ai Weiwei vs. Jackie Chan | China Uncensored 2013-09-13 10:14 PM EST Last Updated: 2013-09-14 05:43 PM EST
Many of us grew up watching Jackie Chan movies-Drunken Master, Rush Hour, First Strike. But I''m afraid I''ve got some bad news for you: Jackie Chan is absolutely insane. Like, not crazy kung fu skills insane. More possibly like mental issues insane. Over the years he''s spoken out in favor of the Chinese Communist Party iron grip on China and Hong Kong, going so far as to say Chinese people need to be controlled. And after one particularly insane rant about concealed guns and grenades, it really seems like Jackie Chan has gone off the deep end. But now dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is chiming in. And believe it or not, he doesn''t have anything good to say.

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