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As China prospers economically, it is easy to forget that, information-wise, China is still a closed society. Dissident voices and information that reflects badly on the people in power are routinely suppressed.

All television stations inside China are either directly controlled by the communist regime, or must follow its directives in reporting on key issues. This has left a large information void.

New Tang Dynasty Television fills this void, earning the trust of its viewers.

"The pioneering US-based channel, New Tang Dynasty TV, is the only truly independent Chinese-language TV reaching tens of millions of private satellite dishes across China."

—93 Members of the U.S. Congress in a letter to President Bush, April 12, 2005

Using technological advances, NTD beams its signal to a nation whose culture values truth, but whose authoritarian regime has long suppressed it.

In 2009, the CCP earmarked $6.6 billion for its various worldwide propaganda efforts in Chinese and many other languages.

That is why it is more important than ever that NTD expand its reach and counterbalance the CCP's propaganda, both inside and outside China.


What Our Viewers Say

"In a lie-filled China, NTD is an indispensable source for real news."

—An Ni, Hunan Province, China


"Until I installed the NTD satellite, I did not know what real news was. My life now has much more clarity... I really need the information NTD provides."

—Sun Shen, Zhejiang Province, China


"[NTD] looks after the wellbeing of the masses, reflects their true thoughts, and awakens people's conscience."

—Ye Li, Liaoning Province, China


"NTD's programs have quality content that I like to watch. Unlike shows on other channels, they have no violence. [Their shows] are suitable for all people, and have positive educational value for our children."

—Weiling Chang, Guizhou Province, China

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