Child born without arms and legs, not only plays excellent computer games with his chin but is an outstanding scholar!

A little boy born without any limbs—no arms and no legs—yet he does not let anything stop him from creating a  happy world of his own. A place where he can let his dreams soar,where he can be free! 

Cute 11-year-old Tiyo Satrio, from West Java Indonesia, is unfortunate to have been born without limbs—but he is still able to move around as smoothly as a seal.

He is a PlayStation wizard, who has found his passion in his favorite hobby; it’s incredible how he uses his chin to maneuver the controls that has made him a worthy match for his opponents who often join in for a game.

Tiyo Satrio, 11, from Indonesia is a class favourite thanks to his upbeat nature regarding his condition

Although he lives out his dreams in PlayStation games, life has not been kind to him. The reality of his physical disabilities which has put him at a massive disadvantage, have caused him a lot of suffering and pain. Depression, resulting from  fears and insecurities and lack of self confidence made him not want to attend school. Tiyo has a strong spirit though, and has withstood the onslaught of depression very well.

According to his Principal at the small special needs school he now regularly attends, he is intelligent and excels in maths and religious studies; his intelligence level is above his grade 2 and he is quite able to do grade 4 academics. As reported by Daily mail, Tiyo enjoys a challenge and is a survivor. With his pen held in his mouth he likes problem solving multiplication and division maths exercises.

Holding a pen in his mouth, Tiyo is able to write and keep up with fellow classmates at his small special needs school, where he excels at maths and religious studies

With his contagious laughter he is a favorite among both students and teachers.  He makes an effort to surmount his disabilities and has a great attitude, says his teacher. He is now a regular pupil at his special needs school.

Tyo Satrio, 12, a little boy born without arms and legs writing at school in Panawangan, Ciamis

Tiyo’s mom is very proud of him and loves him dearly. She allows him to play the Playstation in the mornings. His ride to school is by motorbike. After school he is allowed to play some more. At night, before bed, he is allowed to play again.

Mrs. Satrio explains that she was not at all aware that anything was wrong with her baby while she was pregnant. During and after the birth she also did not know that anything was wrong. The midwife refrained from saying anything, and even said that all was well with the child.

Mrs. Satrio gave birth at midnight and was in a state of shock when she was told about the harsh truth in the late afternoon. Only time could help her come to terms with her child’s fate; she learned to accept it.

Tiyo is a popular kid; his upbeat nature makes him an inspiration for his peers

The Playstation addict plays every spare moment he can, using his chin to operate the control pad where he proves to be more than a match for his friends

The boy often did not attend school due to chronic insecurities and self-confidence issues 

Now a regular attendee, he relies on other teachers and classmates to carry him or push him in his wheelchair

With his good nature, and free spirit, Tiyo now regularly attends school. He gets pushed in his wheelchair and sometimes people carry him

The little boy often failed to turn up to school after struggling with insecurity issues and his physical disability

Mrs. Satrio, Tiyo’s mom says it’s a round-the-clock job, taking care of Tiyo.

Mimi Satrio says, taking care of his daily needs, like feeding and washing, is a challenge everyday, but he does do some things for himself like, unwrapping sweets with his teeth! says Mrs. Satrio

The couple have other children, but they live spread out in Indonesia, and can’t always be there to help.

Mrs.Satrio says that they are not able to leave the house in search of work as Tiyo needs them. They used to receive government remuneration but they haven’t heard a word from them for a year. It’s really hard on the family.

In the meantime, Tiyo, the amazing child with a large spirit continues his education and follows his dreams in the fantasy world of PlayStation.

Its amazing how the will to survive against all odds is reflected in the life of this child. (Simone Jonker)

Watch the inspiring video from the Daily Mail below!