A Cat On A Water Treadmill

Buddha weighed 31.4 pounds when his owner died, and he ended up at an Animal Rehabilitation Center in Franklin, Tennessee. The cat experts think that he ate too much human food and became obese.

They have given him a strict diet and 21 minutes a day on a weight-reducing water treadmill.

He lost 5 lbs so far, but the goal is for him to weigh 20 lbs.

It is unthinkable to see cats in water, however, he seems to enjoy it.




When he began his rehabilitation, he wasn’t too fond of the water, don’t take it from us, watch this video. By his sixth visit, he was practically frolicking on the treadmill. The submerged machine, which is typically used on obese dogs, helps reduce the pressure of Buddha’s weight and relieves encumbered joints.

His goal is 20 pounds, at which point he’ll be put up for adoption. In the meantime, The Cat Shoppe is chronicling his progress on its Facebook page. Volunteers report that he’s healthier and happier than ever!

Does this look like a sad cat to you?