31–year–old man gets a new face after his suicide attempt 10 years ago leaves him horribly disfigured!

A moment of acute despair and a foggy mind, coupled with the rashness of youth, can lead a person to make a mistake he can regret for the rest of his life. This young depressed man nearly takes his life, but then miraculously the doctors work their wonder…

Today, after 10 years of struggling to gain back his life, Andy Sandness, is a different man. Andy was going through very difficult times and went into deep depression in his early twenties. That is when this handsome young man from the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming, attempted to take his own life. All that he was left with, after that unfortunate incident was a highly disfigured face, that made it impossible for him to carry on with a normal social life.
But then, Andy was fortunate enough to have undergone one of the most successful face transplants ever. The doctors at Mayo’s Clinic are happy and proud of their achievement, and of being able to give Andy a brand new face and a brand new life.

Andy Sandness, in 2006, as he looked before the unfortunate incident.

“I just remember putting one in the chamber and looking down the barrel of the gun and I said ‘ah, #$@! it’ and pulled the trigger,” said Andy in Mayo Clinic’s video below. “I was going through some rough times, ya know, I mean I made the wrong choices,” he added.
(Screenshot of the video from Mayo Clinic)

Andy was extremely fortunate to have survived the gunshot wound, but he was severely injured and immediately sent to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

The gunshot had totally destroyed large portions of his lower face, including his jaw, teeth, chin, and nose.  Sadly, Andy’s father cannot forget the day, and can recall it  in great detail, as if it had happened just yesterday.

“The only thing I got to see was him coming out of the emergency room with his head, with gauze wrapped around, with a straw coming out to breathe in,” said his father Reed Sandness. 
(Screenshot of the video from Mayo Clinic)