An undiscovered destination: The African village where every house is a work of art

While most African countries may be considered poor by Western standards, culturally, they are very diverse and rich. Tiebele, a village in Burkina Faso with its colorful windowless traditional houses is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Africa. The Kassena people who live in this village are said to be one of the oldest ethnic groups to reside in this region back since the 15th century.

Tiebele is known for its traditional Gurunsi architecture with intricate motifs and geometric designs. The home or wall decoration is an important part of their cultural legacy. Post construction, women decorate the walls using colored mud and white chalk. It is always a community project completed by the women of the village.

An ancient practice that dates back to the 15th Century

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Tiebele is known for its colorful windowless traditional houses

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Houses were built for protection from weather and enemies

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Beautifully designed mud architecture

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Motifs and Symbols are representative of everyday life

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A community project that was done by the women

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The design and decoration are mind-blowing

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