11 pictures of the most hilarious coincidences you’ll ever come across!

Granted that coincidence can be weird, but sometimes it’s just plain funny. Don’t believe us? Then have a look for yourself through these awesome pictures of some hilarious coincidences, instances of irony, and classic cases of great placement!

Let’s laugh a little, shall we?

1. Way to go Indian Railways

Credit: APHerald

2. Anyone up for a dip in this swimming pool? It’s open for all!

Credit: DailyBhaskar

3. Oh my goodness! It’s Gandhi!

Credit: wallpaperg

4. Bechara, truck!

Credit: dailymoss

5. Mario and Luigi together! Childhood memories refreshed

Credit: imgur

6. A little too fresh to the door, don’t you think?

Credit: epicfail

7. How apt?

Credit: lifebuzz

8. Your one stop for Karva Chauth, ladies!

Credit: funtoxin

9. My, oh my! It is indeed a magical burger that brings the exact same smile on the faces of people!

Credit: funcage

10. Nothing like the love of a dog and its owner! They have even become one!

Credit: ourpassionfordogs

11. Love is in the air

Credit: Pinterest

That’s all, folks! Keep laughing hard and don’t forget to spread the joy around!