3-year-old wonder boy aims to become gymnastics star—started ‘training’ when just a baby!

This boy has real gymnastics talent! At just 3 years old, he shows incredible skills that would be challenging for many adult gymnasts. His great athleticism shown since he was a baby has blossomed into a dream to one day compete in the Olympics! 

Some people are just born with talent. Call it winning the genetic lottery or some kind of predestined affinity—early in their lives some show great talent in music, painting, sports or any other field. Arat Hosseini from Babol in Iran showed, from an early age, talent in gymnastics.

Arat’s predisposition was visible since he was a baby. His father, Mohammad Hosseini, said: “One day when I returned home from work and put my finger in Arat’s hand, he got up slowly and, gripping my finger very tightly, pulled his legs off the ground. At that time I noticed the strength and power Arat had and were very surprised.”

Mohammad started to train his son when he was 9 months old. He started with short periods of exercise in a form of play.

Arat was a quick learner and didn’t require much time to learn skills. “All the videos on our Instagram page show the first or second time he has performed a trick. Usually, he can do it easily after 10 minutes of practice,” said Mohammad.

As Arat has grown, the length of the training has also increased—and he now trains for up to one hour. Arat’s family lives in a small town and because of that, his training facilities are simple and limited. But that hasn’t stopped him from mastering a variety of hard-to-learn skills. He has perfected poses such as balancing splits, backward walkovers, somersaults, and he even climbs the wall at home!

Arat quickly became an Instagram star with over 900,000 followers. He has been invited to many TV shows where he shows his unique skills.

Arat said: “When I participated in my first international TV show and succeeded, my father cried with happiness. That was my best day.”

Arat’s family is very proud of him and hopes that he will become a great gymnast one day. “Everybody admires Arat and thinks he can introduce and prove himself to the whole world,” said Mohammad.

Arat said: “I love holidays, school and family—that’s it. My dream is to become Olympic champion.”

Watch the video below!

Photos Credit to: Instagram | arat.gym.