5-year-old girl abandoned by her mother, becomes pillar of the family and looks after her 2 grand-moms!

This five year-old girl, who was abandoned by her mother, has taken up an enduring task to look after the household: cooking, cleaning, bringing home food, and taking care of her ailing grand-moms!

Cute little Anna Wang is the sole care-giver in her household in a faraway mountain in Zunyi city of south-west China. She takes care of her elderly, bed-ridden grandmother, and great-grandmother, both of whom are in ailing health.

Unfortunately, Anna’s father had to leave the home when she was only three-months-old, having been arrested and sent to prison for some unknown reason. Her mother then remarried, and abandoned the family, forcing young Anna to look after the household.

Anna is able to bring food home thanks to her neighbors, who allow her to pick vegetables from their farm, which she then cooks herself, and feeds to her two ailing grandparents. Her grandmother suffers from arthritis, while her 92-year-old great-grandmother is also in poor health; and Anna takes care of them by assisting them to the toilet and so forth.

While other children her age are attending school, Anna has no choice but to grow up fast and fill her mother’s shoes, though it is far too early for that. Anna explained to Chinese media that she chooses to do so because she, “wishes good health” to her family. However, no 5-year old should have to bear such a burden, and miss out on the opportunities of early childhood.

Anna Wang takes care of her two ailing grandparents, cooking, feeding, and assisting them to the toilet

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Anna, takes care of all the household chores

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Her 92-year-old great-grandmother is in ailing health, and requires assistance to go to the toilet

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The household is located deep within the Zuyin Mountains

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Certainly, Anna has gained a sense of responsibility as sole provider for her two grandmothers

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LittleAnna cooks meals and feeds her 92-year-old great grandmother

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The sweet little child is not tall enough yet, so she stands on a small table to do the cooking


Thankfully, her neighbor allowed Young Anna to gather vegetables from their farm

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As the sole care-giver to her grand parents, Anna insists that she wants to do it because she “wishes good health” to her family

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While other children her age play outside or attend school, Anna attends to household duties

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However, young Anna misses her parents very much

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Although strong at heart, Anna is only 5-years old, and no one her age should have to carry such a burden

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