7 Funny animal photos that will make you giggle and smile

Are you looking for a reason to smile and laugh while everyone around is serious and busy with work? Do you want to tickle a few funny bones and share some fun with those around? Here are seven photos that will give you loads of reasons to smile.

In the jaws of laughter! Who thought that this piggy terracotta sculpture would become this froggy’s home!

Looks like someone is tickling this doggy! Happiest one around!

Cheeky donkey siblings! We won’t know who they are laughing at… maybe at the humans around.

Laughter’s perfect face! Seems like this one is having one of those great life moments, what a fantastic smile!

Is this mischievous one making a face at us or maybe he’s just scratching his back.

How can someone be so serious looking and yet so funny! This pooch must be in some drama crew.