99-year-old lady gets arrested and locked up by police to check off her bucket-list wish!

A 99-year old grandmom got her wish-come-true to get arrested once in her lifetime when these thoughtful police officers came in to help—handcuffing and locking her up in a cell!

With a look of pure joy, 99-year-old Annie from the Netherlands allowed a police officer to put handcuffs on her, and lead her away into her very own jail cell. Although technically, police are not supposed to lock up non-criminals (Annie clearly was no criminal), they made an unusual exception for Annie who, being 99-years-old, had wished to get arrested once and be put in jail.

Although she was only detained for a short while, perhaps Annie will find consolation in knowing that that’s one more item she can check off her bucket list.

An officer is more than happy to comply with Annie’s bucket-list wish of getting arrested

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Enthralled, Annie peers out at us from her very own jail cell

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A look of pure joy as Annie gets uncuffed by police

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With her wish granted, may Annie live content for many years to come

©Facebook | Politie Nijmegen-Zuid