Biological father leaves the bride on aisle, only to come back with her stepfather to do the honors together!

All her life, she was struggling between her torn relations: her mom and her two dads. But she was still blessed indeed, because they all loved their lovely daughter! Then on her wedding day, it was like all was perfectly harmonized…

Brittany Peck was a 6-year-old child when she witnessed her parents going in for divorce. Going through the emotional trauma at a very young age and later adjusting with her new stepfather had been a quite a difficult task.

From left, Todd Bachman, his daughter, Brittany Peck, and her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky, at Mr. Bachman’s home in Ohio. Credit: Dustin Franz for The New York Times

It is natural that a biological father and stepfather tend to be uncomfortable with each other and have kinds of unusual differences that often lead to intolerance.

But both of her dads, biological dad Todd Bachman and stepdad Todd Cendrosky, showed their love and affection towards Brittany in the most adorable and healthy way. She was indeed their beloved daughter!

But on her wedding day, on Sept. 26, 2015, she was truly in a dilemma: It was a difficult decision for Brittany to choose whom of the two loving fathers should walk her down the aisle with her. But she had to pick one, so she chose her biological father for this honorable act.

As they were walking down the aisle, suddenly, her biological father, Bachman, stopped and said he would be back in a minute.

Bachman rushed to Cendrosky, pulled him by the arm, and then the two fathers ran down the aisle. It was like her biological dad knew it was the most special day for her daughter and so he could not let her stepdad miss out on the honor.

“I had no clue, and he reached out his hand and said: ‘Hey, you had as much a part in raising her as I did. Let’s go walk our daughter down the aisle,” Cendrosky said in the CBS Sunday Morning video. “And that’s when I lost it.”

“It meant the world to me. It was the happiest moment of my life walking down the aisle with both of them,” Brittany said.

“When Todd Bachman grabbed my husband’s arm, it really meant a lot to me,” Candace Cendrosky, Brittany’s mother, told The New York Times. “That was an awesome moment, it was magical, it was an outstanding thing to do. He made my husband’s world, he really did. And that makes me feel great. Deep down I really do believe he did this for Brittany.”

All were surprised and happy at this sudden gesture of Bachman. Actually, it conveyed so much in action: Respecting others’ feelings and honoring others’ wishes is something that makes relations harmonious and worth living.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning video below!