Bride walks down the aisle with her father—what they both do leaves the entire church in tears

All the guests were on their feet when the church doors opened and the bride entered with her father. As they set foot into the aisle, all of a sudden, she produced a microphone and lifted it to her lips. What came next was something totally unconventional that left the whole room in awe.

Every wedding is unique and special. The decor and style are often a reflection of the bride and groom’s taste. And it’s not uncommon for her to add a special touch to make the wedding day more meaningful.

©Facebook | Maria Holand Tøsse

When Mary Holand Tøsse was planning for her wedding—the day she would marry Ronny Eidsvik—she wanted to do something memorable.

When the moment finally came for the bride to walk down the aisle, at Ålesund Church in Norway, all the guests stood waiting in anticipation. Then, the wooden doors opened for the beautiful bride, who was absolutely glowing, standing next to her father.


The organ started to play the traditional “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn, but then, as Mary and her father took a few steps, the bride suddenly drew forth a microphone in her hand, and the music changed.

Rather than walk down the aisle in the traditional manner, she lifted the mic to her lips and, beaming, she began to sing in lovely tones that filled the church “You Raise Me Up,” a song originally composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden.


And holding her father’s arm, they made their way down the aisle as her song continued beautifully, backed up with a lovely choir in the balcony. The groom, Ronny, was moved to tears by the bride’s beautiful voice.

But there was yet another surprise in store.


When they had nearly made their way to the altar, unexpectedly, it was her father’s turn to sing—he had clearly practiced beforehand. But the lyrics were changed for his part. She passed him the mic, and he sang:

And now it’s time to give away my daughter

You know it’s time so please take care of her


She then added:

I know he will

He loves me more than ever

And now it’s time to finally say, ‘I do’

©Facebook | Maria Holand Tøsse

And when they reached the altar, her father left her side, and she embraced the groom.

Mary’s sublime rendition of “You Raise Me Up” is one that her father and Ronny will likely always remember.

Hear Mary sing “You Raise Me Up” in the video below:

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