Confused bride wonders why groom gave her a rubber duck—then the best surprise enters the room

3After five months of planning, this Scottish groom was ready to give his bride the sweetest wedding gift. But, much to the bride’s confusion, the surprise seemed to just be a rubber squeaky duck! Actually, the groom had something else up his sleeve … something much better than a rubber duck. Scroll down to find out what’s this ultimate gift that left the groom’s beloved bride in tears.

Keriann and Stephen Watt exchanged wedding vows at St. Patrick’s church in Dumbarton, Scotland, before holding a celebratory meal at Lodge on Loch Lomond.

When the just-married couple were seated and enjoying their meals with their guests, the well-planned surprise started to be unveiled.

Stephen suddenly stood up and handed Keriann a special gift, the first one.

Keriann eagerly unwrapped it, and inside … of all things … was a rubber squeaky duck.

The confused bride turned to the groom, “A duck? Seriously?”

It turned out that Stephen wasn’t done yet. “See, if you point it at that fire exit,” he told Keriann.

Keriann laughed as she did what she was told.

Keriann couldn’t believe what happened next!

Stephen had arranged for an unusual guest to meet Keriann.

Simon, who’s a dog breeder, entered the room carrying a pug puppy, wrapped in a blanket.

Keriann was shocked, covering her mouth in disbelief.

“When I saw the pug, I couldn’t quite believe it. I was overcome with emotion and a little overwhelmed,” Keriann told ABC News.

The guests cheered as the bride welcomed the pug, shedding tears of joy as she did so.

“When we come back from honeymoon, this is our life,” Stephen jokingly told the guests, pointing to Keriann and the pug. “So, bye!”

Keriann, who’s got a soft spot for pugs, in fact she’s wanted one for about 10 years, was clearly in love with the family’s new addition—she lovingly cuddled the little creature in her arms.

“Due to my love for pugs, over the years, friends have indulged me with pictures, cushions, soft toys, salt shakers, etc,” Keriann said.

Judging from Keriann’s priceless reaction, the “military operation” that Stephen had planned for five months was a success. Only his best man, usher, and wedding videographer knew of his secret plan.

“To give Keri her perfect wedding day meant that there had to be a pug. There was no way I could let that pass,” Stephen said.

The entire scene was captured on video by Stephen’s close friend, and wedding videographer, John Paul Lusk, from Leven Films.

Meanwhile, Keriann couldn’t wait to reunite with the pug upon returning from their honeymoon.

And Keriann couldn’t be happier with her thoughtful husband, who is always thinking of others. “He loves me for the person I am and puts up with my crazy pug obsession!” she told the Knot.

“It was the best day ever and that just topped it all of course,” Keriann told Fox News.

Thanks to Stephen, Keriann no longer needs to stalk pug walkers in the parks anymore. Whoops, it seems we let that slip!

We wish them many “pugsome” walks together!

Watch the video:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Storyful Rights Management.

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