Despite failure in high school, this 23-year-old ethical hacker is now CEO of his own cybersecurity company

This small town Indian boy, who did miserably in school, is now a successful CEO of his own cybersecurity company, and shares the importance of following one’s passion and inner voice!

Following a passion for computers, Trishneet, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Ludhiana, India, has become a successful ethical hacker, who tests the network and infrastructure safety of client companies. This young man now makes a six-figure income (in U.S. dollars), and has a company with virtual offices in Dubai, and the U.K., where he claims to find 40 percent of his clients.

Trishneet set up North India’s first Cyber Emergency Response Team. When he was only 21, he started his company called TAC Security Solutions, which uses ethical hacking as a way of testing the security systems of their clients. His clients include companies such as: Reliance, CBI, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police, Amul, and Avon Cycles.

His success story became well-known after a recent interview, and also went viral online.

Trishneet started TAC Security Services when he was just 21.


He became interested in “ethical hacking” in eight grade to the detriment of his studies.

(Credit: Trishneet Arora)

At an early age, Trishneet showed an interest in computers to the detriment of his studies. His parents scolded him, and friends use to make fun of him for it. It had such an impact on his schooling that he failed high school, and he had to make up for it, graduating via correspondence courses.

Trishneet nevertheless followed his passion, and it seems to have paid off.

 He nevertheless followed his passion, and established a place in the market.

(Credit: TAC Security)

He became interested in ethical hacking when he was in grade eight, and spent much of his time experimenting with his father’s computer, and studying YouTube videos. Very quickly he became the go-to guy whenever someone had a computer problem. Now, Trishneet believes in ‘following one’s own passion’ despite what others might say.

Trishneet has since written several books on the subject of hacking.

(Credit: Trishneet Arora)
Trishneet has also written several books such as ‘Hacking Talk with Trishneet Arora,’ ‘The Hacking Era,’ and ‘Hacking With Smartphones.’ And he has recently started a new business initiative called TAC-CERT to help companies protect their online cloud data. “I am looking at expanding business in the U.S. and talks are on with venture capitalists,” he stated.
Although Trishneet met with success at an early age, he is still working hard on his BCA through correspondence, so as to complete his education.

Trishneet is also continuing his studies, and aims to earn his BCA through correspondence courses.

(Credit: Google+/Trishneet Arora)