Her father refuses to shave beard. When he finally gets a makeover, she barely recognizes him

His daughter pleaded with him to shave his beard, which he refused to do for the longest time. When she finally convinces him to appear on the “Today Show’s” Ambush Makeovers, however, she gets her wish, and afterward, she can barely recognize him!

The “Today Show” aired a special episode where a daughter brought her father on for Ambush Makeovers, and he got fixed up just for his little girl. On that day, “Today Show” hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford were with hairstylist Louis Licari and style expert Jill Martin.

Out of all the submissions, Louis and Jill chose two lucky gentlemen, and one was Matt from California. Matt’s 8-year-old daughter, Marly, was the one who submitted her father’s name for consideration.

When speaking about her dad, Marly said, “My daddy is the best daddy because he’s always around.

“He volunteers in my class and goes on field trips. My daddy takes me to the movies and out to dinner. He takes me to gymnastics, is my soccer coach, and took me to the father-daughter dance at my school,” she further shared. “He works hard but always has time for my events and me.”

And why does Marly think her dad needs a makeover?

“My daddy deserves a makeover because of his beard. It is too long!” she said. “We have been trying to get him to cut it for a long time. Daddy will look so much better without it. I know he will be very handsome.”

When the moment for the big reveal came, Marly stood blindfolded next to Hoda, who could barely contain her own excitement.

“I bet you’re gonna be right Marly,” Kathie Lee chimed in, regarding Marly’s prediction that her father would look handsome.

The show put up a “before” photo of Matt wearing a T-shirt, camouflage shorts, sneakers, and, of course, his full beard. Hoda then asked for Matt to come out, and when Matt walked on the set wearing a sharp navy blazer and was clean shaven, jaws dropped, while the audience clapped and cheered.

A few seconds later, Hoda told Marly she could remove her blindfold, and she was stunned, her mouth agape. She gave her dad a hug, squealing and crying with joy.

Matt asked her, “Does daddy look good?” Marly still sobbing, nodded in answer.

“Those are tears of joy. She really didn’t like that beard Matt,” Kathie Lee jabbed playfully.

Matt was quick to acknowledge that Marly barely recognized him. After shedding a few more tears, Marly was able to start laughing.

Then Matt finally got a chance to see himself in a mirror, and when he saw the transformation, even he was stunned.

“Oh wow,” he said. “I look like a CEO.”

It’s amazing what a good haircut and a nice blazer can do—and a shave too—not just for one’s appearance but for one’s confidence as well. Seeing her dad walk out onstage looking like a million bucks, Marly would probably agree.

Watch Matt’s makeover here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | TODAY.