Secret ‘truths’ and amazing facts hidden in things of everyday use will take you on surprise trip!

When you look around at objects surrounding you superficially, they may not reveal the inner beauty and meaning at first glance. These are your everyday things that you tend to take lightly. But if you study the in-depth meanings of what some of these mean, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Each ones of these seven items, have very special meanings and interesting and enchanting stories interwoven in them.

#1. Symbol on the jar of a beauty cream

#1. Symbol On Cosmetics Jar
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This mark can be easily missed by us and mistaken to be some casual marketing symbol. But when examined closely, according to Wikipedia, this special symbol denotes the expiry period of the product.

But, sometimes wonder… why the ambiguity?

#2. Three-in-one toothpaste

#2. Multicolored Toothpaste
Credit: Flickr/bradleypjohnson

This toothpaste, besides looking attractive, especially to children, also has a specific purpose for its tricolor.  The reason for this is simple: each color has its own special properties. White has fluoride for whiter teeth, red keeps your gums clean, and blue/green keeps your breath fresh throughout the day.

#3. The special crown on the Lady Liberty

#3. The Crown On Lady Liberty
Photo credit: Jensen Derek – Wikimedia Commons/Tysto

The crowning glory on the Statue of Liberty, we mean her crown, has seven spikes, if you would have noticed. These seven points represent the seven continents of the world and the seven oceans.

And, in case you are curious to know more, each one of those spikes weigh a 150 pounds.

#4.  Why does the train go zig-zag?

#4. Zig Zag Tram
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Oxyman
The contact lines on trams go in a zig-zag motion in order to equally wear down both parts of the pantograph on its roof. Pantograph is a jointed framework conveying a current to a train, tram, or other electric vehicle from overhead wires

#5. The original King Of Hearts.

#5. The Mysterious King Of Hearts

Who do you think is the original King of Hearts?  Well there are many theories about his true identity.

According to Wikipedia, the King of Hearts is actually supposed to be King Charles VII, who put a sword through his own head.

#6. The mystery of blank pages in a book

#6. Blank Pages
Credit: Pixabay/AnnRos
According to Mentalfloss, books are not printed page by page, so in order to make the book feel even, some pages are left blank.

#7. British coins transform into a shield, when arranged so

#7. British Coins Transform Into A Shield
Credit: Double the Money
As Mirror discovered, when you put together the one, two, five, twenty, and fifty pence coins, as shown, they form the Royal Coat of Arms.

Now, go ahead and ask questions when you see something that sounds mysterious. More often than not, you will find an interesting tale answering your questions.