Japanese artist creates realistic animal sculptures with old newspapers

What do you usually do with old newspapers? Discard or recycle them? An artist did neither because she thought of a way to give the old newspapers a new life.

Chie Hitotsuyama is a Japanese artist who specializes in making realistic animal sculptures from old newspapers. She creates each sculpture by rolling and twisting the newspaper sheets. Depending on which animal she wishes to create, she chooses the newspaper by its quality and color.

“By gluing paper rolls one by one, I can form beautiful contours and curves, and the shapes of the animals emerge,” she told Creators in an interview.

“If I’m creating a big animal, like a dugong or walrus, it takes approximately three months to put down all of the strips of paper, and finish the whole process,” she added.

She has created a number of animals that include red-faced Japanese macaques, rabbits, lizards, and rhinoceros. Her creativity together with an eye for detail is truly commendable.

Scroll below to view some of her impressive works

Photos credit to: Hitotsuyama.studio.