Life’s true events revealed in extremely touching photos that will melt your heart!

These are pictures of some of life’s true events, that happened to others. But that is what we always think … until it happens to us.

These pictures speak for themselves. Life has its ups and downs. Let’s share some.

#1. So what if you are down and out! But he, the man’s best friend, is always there for you.

Credit: Anze Malovrh/

A homeless man, down on his luck, still has a great friend, his pet dog. He is one ally who is absolutely non-judgmental and will love you come what may.

According to Animal Planet, having a dog as a pet is a sure fire remedy for fighting feelings of depression and loneliness. Looking after a pet does make you feel useful and makes your life more purposeful. But then you receive much more than you have to give.

#2. Living up to his promise.

Credit: Imgur | Justin Brannan

An injured soldier lies in what looks like an ambulance, obviously suffering grievous injury. “For those I love, I will sacrifice,” reads the tattoo inked upon the soldier’s rib cage. For a man in the military, all his fellow citizens are his loved ones, for whom he puts his life at stake. All the men and women in the military truly deserve a salute!

#3. Till death do us apart … easier said than done!

Credit: John Moore

The dead are gone, leaving behind loved ones who must deal with the pain of their loss.

Photographer John Moore captured a heartbreaking moment as Mary McHugh lay crying on her recently deceased fiancé’s resting place at Arlington National Cemetery. This was the first time McHugh had visited her departed beloved’s grave.

#4. Helping Hand—a silent vow of taking care of someone in need.

Credit: Flickr | Maria Teresa Santos

This extremely disturbing picture of a starving young boy’s hand held by a missionary truly shows the contrasts. The difficulties, despair, and sadness life has thrown at them is unimaginable. Starvation in third world countries is a sad fact that is completely overlooked and ignored by the rest of the world. It is high time the world notices and takes charge of the less deprived.

#5. Helping the helpless when disaster strikes.

When Mother Nature unravels its fury, nobody is spared. Besides saving fellow human beings, it is imperative we be responsible to the little helpless animals in our care. During the 2011 floods in Cuttack City, India, this man made headlines saving a litter of kittens. He carried them in a basket balanced on his head at the risk of his own life.

#6. The pain of losing it all.

Credit: Reuters | Asahi Shimbun

A young woman is surrounded by death and destruction. The wrath of nature wiped out the entire town of Natori in northern Japan, in the 2011 tsunami. The entire town was razed to the ground leaving thousands of people homeless, injured, or dead, when the massive earthquake struck.

Agony and hopelessness is written all over this young woman’s face as she sits helpless, amid wreckage left of her thriving town.

#7. A mother’s happiest moment!

Credit: Denis Persenen

A mother’s happiest and proudest moment, captured on camera, when she forgets all the pain and discomfort of the last nine months, and the ultimate pain during childbirth. The excitement and utter joy of holding her baby makes it all seem worthwhile.

#8. Together in life and death.

Credit: Taslima Akhter

The extremely touching photograph of a couple holding on to each other while taking their last breaths. This photograph was taken after a factory collapsed in Bangladesh and trapped all, causing death and destruction. The factory accident in that took place on April 24, 2013, claimed the lives of nearly 900 people and at least 2,500 were injured.

#9. All living creatures of the earth have a right to its bounty.

Credit: Reuters | Mark Pardew

When bush fires hit Victoria in 2009, this photograph of a firefighter sharing his water with Sam, the koala went viral on the internet. During this disaster, the fire claimed the lives of 175 people and left another 7,500 homeless. This photograph drew the attention of people to other victims of the fire—the local