Mom sells baby’s stroller to buy gas—but when cop taps on her window, she’s dumbfounded

This lady had just sold her son’s stroller to buy gas. But then she was totally unaware that at the gas station a police officer was keeping a watch on her.

Kat Hartman from North Carolina was going through a bad day. She had just sold her 2-year-old baby’s stroller at a children’s consignment store in order to get some money. While on her way back home and with only US$6 left in her pocket, she needed to fill her car’s gas tank, so pulled into the gas station.

But when she went inside the store to pay, her toddler son started bugging her for some chocolate milk. However, she had to refuse, as she didn’t have any extra change.

“I needed some gas for myself to get to work for the rest of the week,” she told WCNC.

Once Hartman got back in her car, someone tapped on her window, and to her shock it was a police officer. K-9 Officer Thomas Bautista was on his rounds in Huntersville, and had been watching both mother and son. Seeing the officer knocking on her car window, she thought the day was about to get worse.

“I though [sic] I was in trouble. ‘Oh, what else could go wrong?’” she said.

But the story was destined to turn around. The thoughtful officer had actually realized this mother and son were going through a tough time and expressed his desire to help them by filling up the tank.

“I saw you were paying in change and only put a small amount in your car. I told myself I was going to do something good for someone else today, so I’m going to fill up your tank,” Hartman recalled Officer Bautista telling her, reported The Charlotte Observer.

She shared the whole incident in her Facebook post that went viral. “I immediately started (bawling) my eyes out.” she wrote. “Not all cops are bad! This was amazing. I can’t thank him enough.”

The truth is a lot of other people have also received help from the generous police officer. Huntersville Police Capt. Scott Sharp told The Charlotte Observer, “He’s just one of those guys who goes out of his way to help people.”

“It’s just nice to see one of our officers being recognized for something they do when no one’s really watching them,” said Capt. Sharp.

Officers like Bautista are helping to make a big change to negative perceptions about police by doing the best they can in the communities they serve. Bad days happen to us all; sometimes, they end that way too—but in this case, it couldn’t have ended on a nicer note!

Watch the act of kindness from this officer below:

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