This guy drives rickshaw 50km daily to provide for his family—with just one-leg, one-arm!

This man with just one leg and one arm rides a rickshaw up to 50 km per day in order to provide for his family. After his wife passed away, he became the sole provider for his family. Yet, despite all the hardships, he takes life for what it is and faces life’s real challenges with courage—he’s a real hero!

When we think about heroes, we may imagine a war hero rescuing his comrades in battle or a charismatic leader in some political movement. But it’s easy to forget those unsung everyday heroes, who face the real challenges life presents. Though they may be not as well-known as those great heroes in history, yet their battles are certainly no less dramatic.

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This rickshaw driver from India is one such unsung hero. He had his right leg amputated when he was just 12-years-old, and his right hand had to be removed 5 years ago, due to a blood clot.

Moreover, his wife passed away 2 years ago and he has been taking care of the kids alone since then. In order to earn a living, he drive his rickshaw until late evening, earning less than 3 dollars per day.

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Many people who are concerned about him ask if he can ride the rickshaw in his condition. But he replies in a down-to-earth manner: “I do this because I have no choice. I don’t have limbs. Who is going to feed and take care of my children?”

Not only does he face his problems head on, he also takes pride in being the best at what he does: “I face no problems while riding a rickshaw. I can even outpace some of the rickshaw pullers. No one can beat me in riding a rickshaw. The other rickshaw pullers have both their legs. It’s difficult to pedal with one leg, but even then I outpace them.”

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He has an impressive work ethic. “I never gave up on the work I got. As long as I have my limbs I will keep riding a rickshaw,” he said.

Having started out renting a rickshaw, he was later able to buy his own. His perseverance and courage in facing life problems with an ‘I can do it’ attitude are truly admirable! He certainly deserves to be called a hero.