Terminally ill man married love of his life—but what bride did on wedding day left him stunned

After a 30-year secret love, this terminally ill man decided to share his true feelings. What followed was a beautiful wedding where the bride did a most beautiful thing…

This lovely bride chose to shave her head at her wedding in Liverpool as a symbol of love for her terminally ill groom. These pictures, taken by Kimberly and Anthony Struth of Struth Photography, capture the couple’s deep love for each other.

Having known each other for more than 30 years, Craig and Joan Lyons were close friends—but unbeknownst to Joan, Craig had always been in love with her.

“I fell in love with her as soon as I set my eyes on her when we were 14,” Craig told the Daily Mail. Due to shyness, and later with Joan being married, Craig held it in for three long decades. Then, after Joan’s marriage ended, Craig decided to confess his love, just 18 months ago.

Joan and Craig wanted more than anything to marry and live together as husband and wife. They had planned to wed later in the year, but they brought the wedding date forward when Craig’s pancreatic cancer became terminal. As a gesture of support for her ill husband, Craig, Joan shaved off her hair after the ceremony at their wedding reception.

“It was obviously that it was first time I had seen Joan without her hair, and she looked beautiful, absolutely stunning,” he told the Daily Mail, “…She is the woman of my dreams.”

Joan donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that creates wigs for children who’ve lost their hair through cancer treatment.

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Craig and Joan Lyons have known each other for more than 30 years


Unknown to Joan, Craig had been in love with her since they first met


Craig said she was always the woman of his dreams


Joan decided to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that creates wigs for children who’ve lost their hair during cancer treatment


Craig takes the first snip


As a symbol of her love for Craig, Joan had her head shaved at their wedding reception


“It was obviously the first time I had seen Joan without her hair and she looked beautiful, absolutely stunning,” said Craig


As this couple join in marriage, they celebrate their love by standing together bravely to face any challenge together


In this tender and intimate photo Craig embraces his new wife–and his long-awaited dream has come true!


Love shows itself in remarkable ways. For years, Joan was unaware of Craig’s true feelings, yet when the time was right they found each other, and discovered true love. Their beautiful act of kindness for children with cancer lights up the world!

Photo Credit: Facebook | The Struths – Website | The Struths.