Uncle pulls out mystery letter during wedding—bride gasps when she realizes who wrote it

A bride from Liverpool wasn’t expecting a heart-wrenching moment to unfold on her wedding day. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her uncle unveiled a special surprise.

Emily Darbey of Liverpool, New York, lost her father, Todd Excell, in May 2001, after he succumbed to cancer.

The then 8-year-old Emily was forced to grow up in the absence of her dad.

Fifteen years later, Emily has grown into a beautiful lady. She found the love of her life and was ready for her big day.

Finally, on Oct. 4, 2016, Emily exchanged vows with Shakeal Darbey, now her husband.

During their wedding, her godfather and uncle, Peter, suddenly pulled out a mystery letter.

Tears rolled down Emily’s cheeks as Uncle Peter read, “To my dearest daughter Emily.”

“You are my heart and soul and always will be.”

At that moment, Shakeal handed Emily his handkerchief to wipe away her tears.

The letter turned out to be from Emily’s late father, Mr. Excell, who sought his wife’s help to have the letter written, during his final days. The letter was then placed in the freezer for safekeeping till their daughter’s big day.

“I’m writing this letter for your wedding day to tell you how I will not be there in body but I will be there in spirit,” Uncle Peter continued.

Shakeal held onto Emily’s hands as they listened intently to the heartfelt message.

“You have been my sunshine in my darkest days. I want you to have the best life and love that God can give you.”

“I’m asking you and your husband to treat each other with love and respect.”

Emily fought back tears as her father’s words echoed in her ears.

“I love you, Emily. I know I would love your new husband,” Uncle Peter read.

“I will always be there as you walk anywhere. To your new husband, I will be walking with you, too.”

Just when everyone thought Uncle Peter was done with the letter, he turned to Shakeal, saying, “To the new husband…”

“I will not be able to intimidate you or ask you a million questions before you date my daughter, tell you I have a gun under my bed, or ask you why you are interested in dating my daughter, take your licence plate down and the type of car you drive,” Mr. Excell wrote in the letter.

“But what I can do—is haunt you.”

Upon hearing the father’s hilarious threat, a nervous Shakeal shook his head, whilst Emily and the guests burst out laughing.

“Treat her like a princess and the queen she will be,” Mr. Excell wrote.

This memorable moment was captured on film and shared online.

Even though Mr. Excell wasn’t there physically, Emily could feel his presence through the letter on this special day.

What a beautiful thing to receive. Emily will certainly cherish this letter forever.

Grab some tissues before you watch the touching footage below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Suzanne C Excell.

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