Trump promises to end military sequester, boost defense, in weekly address

U.S. President Donald Trump gave his weekly address aboard a new aircraft super-carrier, the U.S.S. Gerald Ford.

Decked out in a U.S.S. Gerald Ford hat and Navy jacket, Trump pledged his commitment to strengthen the military.

“My vision includes the elimination of the defense sequester, which has imposed steep cuts on our military. We must give our sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guards the tools, equipment, resources, and training they need to get the job done, and get it done right, especially in these very dangerous times,” said Trump.

“My budget will give America’s armed forces the resources they need to achieve full and total military preparedness to meet any and all global challenges and meet them we will. Investing in the military means investing in peace, because the best way to prevent war, as George Washington said, it to be prepared for it.”

The president said that aircraft carriers are “the centerpiece of American military might,” and called the U.S.S. Gerald Ford “a cornerstone for [U.S.] national defense.”

The president ended his address by giving praise to the men and women who serve in uniform, calling them the “greatest force for peace and justice the world has ever known,” and pledging his support for them.

Trump’s weekly address was published a day after his speech aboard the new warship, in which he called for an expansion of the Navy.

(NTD News Staff)