Priceless photos showing magical moments when fathers hold their babies for the first time!

No parent can forget that precious moment when as a new mom or dad we get to hold our little angels for the first time—the twinkle in their eyes and the smiles on their faces makes it all clear!

Parents make unspoken vows when they hold their precious little ones for the first time, promising to keep them safe and guide them on an ever righteous way. A blessing indeed!

Here’s one such amazing photo collection, showcasing the magical moments when dads get to hold and cuddle their newborns for the very first time! Do not forget to pause and read their joyful faces.

#1. That priceless moment!

1. Daddy meets the Baby
Source: maeganhallphotography

#2. My angel!

2. Daddy is kissing his baby
Source: maeganhallphotography

#3. Pure joy… no one can steal it away!

3. Look, the excitement on his face
Source: inlovenessphotography

# 4. Sometimes it’s indeed hard to stay in control!

4. His emotions burst out
Source: sophiabirth

#5. Like time has stopped for this dad!

5. An extra special gift
Source: greenvillespartanburgbirthphotographer

#6. Aww… see that daddy’s blissful smile!

6. His cute little girl
Source: maeganhallphotography

#7. Adorable bundle of joy!

7. His perfect bundle

#8. Dad’s love…

8. Precious, invaluable moment
Source: www.dustilynnphotography

#9. My very own little teddy bear!

9. Happy daddy
Source: maeganhallphotography

#10. That miraculous moment … no words!

10. His very own Miracle
Source: maeganhallphotography

#11. When words cannot describe what’s in the heart!

11. Moving and miraculous
Source: snaplifephotography

#12. Blessed family…

12. Their sweet surprise
Source: www.dustilynnphotography