Father cat supports mom cat during labor, now loves to babysit 4 adorable kittens

Now we all love happy ever after animal stories, but this one is just the cat’s whiskers. For sure, you’d have never quite seen a loving feline family like this one.

It just makes you really think that they have had a life together before, maybe as cats, or other animals, or even humans. How else could you explain the extraordinary bond they have as a family together with their kittens?

Mother cat Tam The, along with father cat Yello, live in Vietnam with their human mother Thuy Duong Panda. This is the first litter for both, and they have four newborn kittens. Yello gave unrelenting support to Tam The during the labor, and helped with the kittens after they were born.

These two cats demonstrate what an ideal family should be like. Imagine, a world full of humans with the same love and affection. There is something special about their devotion. Take a look.

Father Yello is deep in thought, perhaps even catatonic as he waits for the labor to begin

Yello was there during the labor to give his support

The new mom, Tam The, is looking a bit overwhelmed, wow four babies

Yello had no hesitation in showing his devotion to her and share the load. They look like two cats who swallowed the cream

Here Yello takes on the responsibility of babysitting, while mom takes a hard-earned break

Such a happy family…

They are just like any loving couple in the human world…

Such a sweet family. Don’t they make a great family portrait?

Yello seems quite protective of the little ones

The kittens have already fallen in love with Yello, and why not, he makes the perfect dad

Photo credit: Facebook | Thuy Duong Panda.