Frantic cat wouldn’t let owner sleep & when she follows him—she gets a fright like no other

When a cat was about to be killed in a shelter, a single mom of two children decided to take him in—a decision she later learned was 100 percent worth it.

When Janine DeMartini learned that the shelter she had worked at previously was putting Herbie, a brown-and-white tabby cat, on death row, she immediately decided to save him.

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Herbie is a gentle and friendly cat, but one night, the loveable feline suddenly started acting oddly. When Janine had almost fallen asleep after being up all night, Herbie jumped up onto her bed before jumping off then darting to the door—as if to say, “follow me.”

Janine was too tired to pay attention to his odd behavior. But Herbie was persistent, and kept meowing incessantly.

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“I was so tired and I was like, all right, he’s just being a cat,” Janine recalled. “But something said this is not his personality. There’s something wrong.”

Fortunately, Janine decided to get out of bed and followed Herbie, who led her to her baby daughter’s room. When Janine opened the door, Herbie immediately darted inside and jumped into the baby’s crib. Then, Janine got a fright like no other.

Janine’s daughter, Isabella, had her face covered by a blanket. Janine thinks she probably rolled over, and that’s when the blanket covered her face. Janine said that Isabella was making “smothering noises” at the time. Herbie wasted no time and started “clawing” at and pulling off the blanket from the little baby’s face.

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Had Herbie not been there to alert Janine of the terrible situation, it was likely that little Isabella, who was just a few months old then, would have died.

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Janine, a social worker, has written papers about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. But before the incident, she was not quite apt to adopt Herbie. However, Herbie’s heroics let Janine realize that her decision to save Herbie from being euthanized was one of the best decisions in her life.

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“He saved my daughter,” said the grateful mom. “Herbie really is the hero.”

Now, Herbie has earned himself his forever home, and has an unbreakable bond with little Isabella and the whole family.

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