In loving remembrance of the world’s tallest dog – Zeus, the stunningly beautiful Great Dane!

Whether its a person or an animal who dies after you’ve spent a lot of time together, it’s always heartbreaking–this was the case with this beautiful Great Dane from Michigan, Zeus. He won the “tallest dog in the world” title in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

Zeus, the powerful black Great Dane with a shiny coat, lived for 5 beautiful years. Zeus passed away in September 2014, but is remembered for his loving nature and huge heart.  He was the winner of  the title of “the tallest dog in the world” and is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He weighed 165 pounds, and ate 15 pounds of food every week. He was a whopping 44 inches tall and towered over his owner, Kevin Doorlag.

According to the Guinness World Records, Doorlag told a local news site Michigan Live that he would remember Zeus as a ‘wonderful dog’ and that he and his wife would especially miss letting Zeus sit on their laps while the family would grill on their deck.

Michael Whitty, the Guinness World Records picture editor, who met this amazing dog said, “Zeus was the gentlest giant you could ever wish to meet. He had such a mild temperament that even the family cat ran rings around him! A fabulously loving and friendly dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly and loved having his photo taken. He will be greatly missed by his lovely owners and will live on in Guinness World Records history as the Tallest Dog we ever measured.”

Looking at these photos reminds us how incredible and precious this dog was!

Kevin and Zeus having a little dance on the patio

Kevin Doorlag
In this photo taken on Sept. 9, 2010, Kevin Doorlag plays with his Great Dane Zeus as Nick Doorlag, right, watches in Ostego, Michigan. (Photo by Jonathon Gruenke/Kalamazoo Gazette-MLive Media Group/AP Photo)

Kitty and Zeus in their home having some dinner together

Zeus playing with a kitty.
(Photo by: Guinness World Records)

Nothing like a cool drink of water from the kitchen tap!

Zeus drinks water from kitchen faucet
(Photo by: Guinness World Records)

Man and dog, a loving bond

Kevin enjoying with Zeus.
(Photo by: Guinness World Records)

This beautiful photo-shoot was made when Zeus was short-listed for the Guinness Book  of Records

This photoshoot happened when Zeus was short listed for Guinness world records.
(Photo by: Guinness World Records)

Gone, but not forgotten! Watch Guinness World Record’s video below!