This armless man builds amazing toys using his feet—just incredible!

Most of us try to be artistic one way or the other but we end up having a bunch of half-finished art and other projects lying around. Well, get ready to be inspired by reading this man’s story, who repairs and builds charming toy cars with his feet!

Meet this amazing Brazilian man, Geraldo Pereira, who was born without arms; and since his childhood days, he had discovered his inborn talent for making toy cars and trucks using his feet.

He was thirteen years old when a “gifted” toy truck that he received actually needed some repairing. Being born without arms, it would be impossible to imagine how he can repair the broken toy truck, but he did it!

But this determined soul fixed his broken toy truck painstakingly with his feet—and the rest was history.

Pereira has mastered creating cars and trucks with the use of his feet.

No doubt it took a lot of endless practice and a passion in mastering this incredible skill. He does all sorts of cutting, fitting, shaping and painting all done with his feet.

When he has finished a good number of cars and trucks, he goes around the different cities of Brazil to sell his wares. He became well known all over Brazil and has become a kind of celebrity that is something he did not expect.

Pereira’s “feet” cars and trucks are pretty charming. He has made several kinds of trucks, including tanker trucks and stake-bed pickups, and there’s a hardtop and convertible cars too, some with fetching two-tone paint also.

Aside from making trucks, this man can cook, drink from coffee cups and even shave with the use of his feet alone.

Sometimes frustration gets the best of us especially for “wanna be” artists who can’t seem to figure out how to connect things but all we have to do is to think of Gerardo Pereira and gather inspiration from him. For sure it will give us the courage to go on and finish what we have begun.

We can definitely learn a lot from Pereira, as he once said in an interview, “I prove every day that nothing can hold you back or stop you from overcoming your difficulties if you put your mind to it.”

This guy’s a good reminder of how adaptable people can be. If we are able to overcome our challenges, it simply means that we have found our happiness. There is still life with disability. Let go, move on and conquer the world!

Images Source: Youtube Screenshot | Carters Clips

Watch the amazing video below!